Your iPad, eReader and Laptop are all dead and why that’s a good thing

photo by Chris Jordan

photo by Chris Jordan

Take a deep breath. I know it’s hard. You’re looking at possibly thousands of pounds worth of lovely bleeping, whirring, whizzing technology that’s been validating and defining you as a person for so long. But it is dying before your eyes. I know, I know, it’s like being told that R2D2 has cancer but there’s nothing you can do about it, and the sooner you learn to accept that, the sooner we can get on and discuss why.
Ready? No? Well I’m carrying on anyway.

On the 21st of Feb Ubuntu made their full operating system available to download on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 smart phones.

“Big deal. I’ve never heard of an Ubuntu and why would a phone kill off my iPad?” I hear you ask sceptically.
But that’s good. After all the first stage of grief is denial.

Ubuntu is basically a free, open source operating system like you would have on a laptop or Macbook. This means that phones are now powerful enough to be fully functioning computers and it won’t stop at Ubuntu. You can be sure that Microsoft and Apple are developing their own versions of this.

“Ah, but then the screen will have to be big and that’s basically an iPad right?” you state smugly.
Well the short answer is no because your phone won’t have a screen.

“What!?! You’re not making sense! How will you use it if it doesn’t have a screen?!?” you exclaim and gesticulate wildly.
Ah, anger. The second stage of grief. We’re making progress. Well OK, it will have a screen, but the screen won’t be attached to the phone. Your phone will be a small box, about half the size and weight and twice the battery life because of the absence of the screen. The screen will effectively be a wireless touch screen monitor, and because it won’t need to do any of the hard processing work it can be ultra thin and lightweight with its own long battery life.

“But isn’t that the future?” you quiz in a slightly odd way.
Well actually no. You can already buy a wired version and Lenovo have announced this rather nice looking wireless version.

“But I’m not ready. I like my iPad and laptop and eReader and I don’t like change. Tell you what, you give me one more reason or I’m staying as I am” you plead miserably.
You always were a miserable pleader, but at least that’s stage 3 of grief: bargaining. Well OK then, here comes the clever bit. If you can do this with one screen, why not multiple screens. It would be a cross between tabbed browsing and extended desktop. So if you’re like me and you tend to have several laptops open at once doing different things, you can do all of this from your phone. So you could have one screen playing a film, another with your social media and emails open, and another that you’re using to work on a document. Another example is that you could be on a long train journey with the kids and while you’re taking a breather catching up with things on Facebook, one of the kids could be on the Cbeebies website while the other could be reading a book, all running from your phone, that you never had to take out of your bag.The screens can be any size or shape, so you can have a super slim laptop shaped one, tablet and mini tablet shaped ones and even a phone shaped one if you like. So depending on where you’re going you can take the right shapes and sizes to suit your day.

Another major advantage is that when you upgrade your phone, you can re-use your existing screens with your new phone.

“Oh no, my poor iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle, and Macbook Air. I don’t want you to die” you whimper.
Ah good, depression. Not far to go now. How about if I said that Apple will probably release their own versions of this with heavily branded screens that only work with a new iPhone?

“Oh, in that case it’s fine. As long as everyone knows that I’ve got an iPhone and they can think I’m cool and rich then that’s fine. I’ll just put this stuff in the drawer with my MiniDisk players”. You blurt.
There we go. Acceptance. The last stage of grief. By the way, you make me a little bit sick and I don’t know why I bother talking to you.

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3 thoughts on “Your iPad, eReader and Laptop are all dead and why that’s a good thing

  1. funny but you forgot to mention glasses with heads up display running off same phone. leaves your hands free and you can have a conversation at the same time and keep your chin up matey

    • Absolutely. Also e-Ink displays for those that don’t like a backlit screen while ‘flicking’ through 50 Shades of Grey. It can pretty much replace anything that uses its own processing power to display information. The Google Glasses will probably be a future post about how good the concept is, how terrifying it can be, and the only way to make it work without people treating you like your running towards them with your bits out.

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